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mutation in a gene that is not expressing a protein - (May/24/2007 )

Hi all

I am testing the effects of a herb on adiponectin gene in rats, and this herb could me mutagenic. The result of giving the rat this herb was increasing serum levels of the protein that is expressed by the gene .

I extracted the DNA from blood to see the effects of this herb on the gene, knowing that the gene is not expressed by lymphocytes, if a mutation is going to occur in that specific gene do I have to screen only the tissues the expresses this gene or can I see the mutation in the gene from blood lymphocytes. wacko.gif



Well, you might find the mutation also in lymphocytes as it is not so likely that the herb causes a mutation only in tissues where the gene is active. But it would be wiser to look in the tissue, as you have acloser association between mutation and expression (like more genes mutated = higher expression). It is not likely, that the herb causes a specific mutation in every copy of the gene in the whole rat.


Thank you very much.

I was worried because somebody told me that if the herb is going to cause a mutation in the gene, only the genes that expresses the protein will be mutated and the herb will never affect the genes that are not expressing the protein.

The gene is expressed in adipose tissue, bone marrow, liver, kidney, bones, vascular epithelial cells and heart. blink.gif

Thanks again


Well, there is nothing that can't be ... it really depends on the mode the herb induces mutations. Too be sure, I would look at all tissues you've mentioned + blood.


Thanks krümelmonster, your answers really helped me alot and solved a very big problem for me thanks again.