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Extracting Protein Using TriZOL - Is it possible? Are there problems? (Nov/22/2003 )

I have to extract my RNA and was wondering to save the supernatant for use to purify my protein from the same sample.

My question is, is this a acceptable protocol of protein extraction and if so, is there any problems that I have to be aware of when doing this.

Thanks in advance.


I guess not too many people out here are using this forum...

what a shame! great idea though!


It's possible but if you are serious about your protein work, you should start with standard protocol of isolating protein.

I have used trizol to extract DNA after RNA extraction, I never got desired results (low yeild) and it's tedious too.

hope it's useful.


i've also had many probelms with trizol. both for RNA and protein isolations. i've found that for low RNA yeilds trizol is extremely ineffective. also for protein extractions, the protocol is extremely tedious and i have had problems with resuspending the proteins after isolation. i would also recommend that you use another proteion extraction method (many to choose from). but if you can get it to work for you then i dont see why it would not be an 'accepted' protocol.