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western blotting - dab (Nov/07/2003 )

i have done a few western blots using DAB as the developing agent but i have not seen any bands.i am sure that the problem is in the developing stage since the blot works well with chemiluminicence. can any one tell me what could be the problem? i would also be glad if any one could send me the protocols.



I think chemiluminescence is just much more precise than DAB!
It detects bands that are not detectable with DAB. I now make almost all my westerns with chemiluminescence.
Anyway, chemilumlinescence gives you more beautiful results!


Yeah , Xav is right there! Chemoluminescence rules! We do exclusively chemoluminescence western blots, they are really sensitve (depends on you Ab, of course)!



Hello everybody,
I would like to ask if anybody has found "negative bands" in Western blot with DAB.