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storage of primers - (Apr/28/2007 )

hi all

just a general question..we store our primer stocks at -20 this the best way to store them? does anyone have any other recommendations?


I stored mine in -20. Not a problem at all. No worries...
I am not sure whether people do keep it in -80 though.


Hi marika,

I think -20 is pretty standard. In a previous lab where a refrigerator was available in the PCR set-up area, we would also keep working stocks of primers, 10X buffer, dNTPs, and MgCl2 at 4 degrees. You didn't have to wait to thaw anything out, but we would only keep small amounts of these stocks for a week or so at this temperature. I don't know why, but some primers keep better than others - too many freeze-thaws and they go off, or too long at 4 degrees and they go off. I see no reason why you couldn't store primers at -80 for long-term storage.


-20 c is enough i think

-ligation doesn't works-