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TEMS Buffer preparation - (Apr/26/2007 )

Dear all,

I want to extract RNA and I have a protocol that use TEMS buffer.

TEMS is 100mM Tris-HCl pH7.5; 100mM NaCl; 10mM EDTA

So my questions are

What products can be treated with DEPC?

Can I Use DEPC for the other products if Tris-Hcl can't be treated with???

What should be the pH of EDTA? Is the pH of EDTA important or not??



Tris and EDTA are unfriendly with DEPC, but the salt should be fine. The EDTA will not go into solution unless the pH is 8.0 or so. But the final pH will be largely determined by the Tris, present in much higher amounts. Either buy RNAse free Tris and EDTA solutions, or make them up with RNAse free solid material and DEPC treated water.