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New to cloning...Help needed..DH5 alpha cells - Does Dh5alpha have antibiotic resistance to Amp? (Apr/25/2007 )

Does DH5alpha have resistance to Amp. Are there online resources I can use to access info on plasmids or competent cells and their features


Hello Fledgeling!

DH5 alpha cells is a bacterial strain. It only has resistance when you transform it with a plasmid that carries the gene for the resistance against the used antibiotics (Short: No, DH5 alpha is not resistant against Amp wink.gif ).

The vector data you may find on the data sheet of the supplier. It is usually also available online when you don't have a printed version. There you have the vetor map containing all important features like resistance genes or restriction sites (that's important, too wink.gif ) ...
For competent cells you also may find information at the supplier's homepages.

And after all, when you don't know the supplier just try to google after it... wink.gif



-ligation doesn't works-

DH5alpha... nope... it wouldnt survive under antibiotics unless with a plasmid transformed.