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non-radioactive miRNA probes - (Apr/23/2007 )


Does someone has a miRNA northern blot protocol using non-radioactive miRNA probes???

Any info on miRNA Northerns is gratefully received!




there's a paper about it: Ramkissoon et al, 2006, nonisotopic detection of microrna using digoxigenin labeled RNA probes. Molecular and cellular probes 20, 1-4.
it seems to work fine, good sensitivity, specificity, easy protocols. A problem is that the RNA probes labeled with dig are very expensive. Apparently they have to be buyed pre-labeled. I tried to find a protocol to end-label the RNA oligos with good efficiency, but I didn't find it.
If you can buy the probes, a company which produce them is indicated in the paper.
Hope this may help you.

-andrea massimo-

Thank you very much..
I will check it!