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Antibodies using Recombinant proteins as antigen - (Oct/14/2003 )

Wow had my proteins expressed and antibodies produced!!! they were phenominal!!
I am writing on here as it was after communication on this site that I out-sourced this project to a UK company. I won't name the company on here as I don't want to be a walking advertisement but they expressed a very difficult protein for me in a rapid time scale... and then produced some rabbit polyclonals for me!!
Has saved me months of work in the lab. If anyone wants to use the same service please let me know and I will give you details of where I went.

Thanks again to all for the valuable input and advice I received unfortuantely most of this was on personal email rather than on the forum.. so people cannot see the very informative comments and opinions that I received.

Thanks again



Dear Dynamite (sorry don't know your real name)

Many thanks for your advice! I hope I have the same success you had.

Take care


-Tony Hunt-

Hey Guys,
Do not hesitate to name good fellows!
I had difficult project done by Yorkshire Bioscience ( Thank you!


Well Antigen,

In that case the company was Harlan Sera-Lab Ltd. (
Best chap to speak to if anyone is interested is called Chris (not sure of his surname it escapes me)

They are based in the UK and produce recombinant proteins, peptides, monoclonals (in-vivo & in-vitro), polyclonals etc.
I have done a lot of work with them and have been extremely happy with the results.

I've never wanted to name them before as I thought people may take it the wrong way... but then on second thoughts when you find a good supplier its probably best to share the information with others.

Take care everyone