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Protein expression. Question of V5 epitope and 6x His tag ! - (Apr/19/2007 )

Hi friends,

I have used pBlueBac4.5/V5-His-TOPO TA Expression Kit for expression of my protein of intersest and It has been successful. Please let me know how many kDa of expressed V5 epitope and His tag protein (from Vector) are in addition to expressed protein of interest.

I know that V5 epitope contains 14 aa and His tag is 6 aa. But I am confused to calculate and convert aa into kDa.

Any answer would be sincerely appreciated !

Many thanks for your helps in advance

Le Tran Phan


20 amino acids is more or less 2 kDa


Dear Gustavo,

I thank you for your answer.

You said "20 amino acids is more or less 2 kDa". It means that 14 aa of V5 epitope is 1.4 kDa ?