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sitedirected mutagenesis - (Apr/17/2007 )

I Try to do a site directed mutagenesis of a residue Arg... anyone can tell me what kind of residue is the better substitute or better "antagonist"... this residue (I thinks!) it's important for intramolecular interaction...



If you think this residue is important for an intramolecular bond then I guess your looking at hydrogen bonding. You could try replacing it with a non-charged amino acid (Glycine or Alanine would be favourite) or reversing the charged (something acidic like Glutamate or Aspartate). What does anyone else think?



Yeah, Ala is quite commonly used. Also, you may need to consider the size of the aa. I have known one incident of changing Ser to Glu did not work as expected but have to change Ser to Asp. So if you want to change Arg (basic charged) to acidic charged aa, maybe better to choose Glu instead of Asp


I think nobobdy is changing with Gly. always Ala when you want to get rid of a reactive group.
If you want to change the charge, I would agree with Almasy, choose Glu.


im searching for the principle behind this alanine scanning mutagenesis.. can you guys give some info about it or some website that can be useful? im planning to use this in my current project..thanks