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E.coli Total RNA's size - Any literature? (Apr/16/2007 )

Does anyone know about the size of total RNA extracted out from E.coli cells?
I know it two distinct bands under gel visualisation but not sure about the size.

Anyone know any link to the literature to back up this data?

Thanks guys. I have been searching for a night now.



Nucleic acid content of E. coli
DNA per cell: 3-4% of dry weight
Total RNA per cell: 10-20% of dry weight (20 in exponential, mostly ribosomal RNA)
Protein per cell: 50% of dry weight

(Chapter by S.E. Luria, in The Bacteria; Gunsalus, I.C., Stanier, R.Y., Eds. Academic Press: New York, 1960, Vol. 1)
(Fenselau. C.C., Jackson, K., Modern Drug Discovery, March 2003, p 37.)

tRNA (E. coli) 75 nucs MW 2.6 e 4
5S rRNA (E. coli) 120 nucs MW 4.1 e 4
16S rRNA (E. coli) 1541 nucs MW 5.2 e 5
DNA (E. coli) 4,639,221 bp MW 3.0 e 9

(Qiagen 1999 catalog)


Thanks for your useful information.

But I am looking for the size under agarose gel. In term of kb/bp for the size. I know there are two bands due to the smaller and bigger subunit.