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QIAGEN DNeasy Extraction Kit Query - (Apr/16/2007 )

Hi everyone,

I would like to know if anyone working with QIAGEN's DNeasy Blood & Tissue Kit has been getting the same low OD ratios I've been getting (specially 260/230)? As well as low ng/uL DNA final concentrations?
I was thinking that may be because we have to use 100uL blood sample otherwise we clog the column, or the fact that the blood had been frozen at -20C...
We just switched kits.

Thanks heaps,


Hi gündl,

no, never had that problem? I was also using blood frozen by -20°C. OD and quantitiy allways are fine. How old is the kit?


brand new actually... i called them and they said that we shouldn't be using frozen samples, that we should use fresh samples... ?????? i say.

i finally figured out the bands in the smear from my prev post.... they are the result of apoptotic degradation, equal size bands occurring in all samples within the smear. very interesting, never had seen anything quite like it.

cheers for your help