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Duration of the signal for flow cytometry - (Apr/03/2007 )


I would like to know how long the signal could stay clear if I do the extracellular as well as intracellular staining of antigens for flow cytometry analysis? For sure I will keep the cells in the dark in the refrigerator!

In fact, I would like to know if I can stain the cells and to the analysis the day after of the next one?

Thanks for your input!



hi brassap,

it is common to fix the cells in PFA after staining and store them at 4°C for O/N
even more longer, I have passed samples stored for 2 weeks!
stability of your staining depends on the dissociation constant of the Ag/Ab interaction
photo-stability depends on the fluorochrome, but in general storage in the dark is OK
more importantly, cells must be in optimal conditions, that is in an appropriate buffer...



Thank you very much for your answer!

Have a great day!