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Can any one suggest a company who can design a primer pair - dnaK PCR work (Apr/03/2007 )

Hey there everyone, just a quick plea to ask if anyone can help me out.

We here at The University of Bolton are looking at the effect of Microwaves on Food Carried bacteria such as E.coli. We plan to look at the effect of the microwaves on the production of the Heat shock Protein dnaK from E.coli. Thus far we haven't been able to find anyone who can design primer pairs for us. Can anyone suggest any companies who could do this for us

Thank you in advance unsure.gif


-Uncle Albert-

Maybe I'm missing the point, but why don't you do it yourself?
You would need qPCR primers as I understand. This should pose no big problem, just use standard software for primerdesign, available all over the net. Just remember that prokaryotes don't have introns, so spanning of exon/intron boundaries will not be possible, so you'll have to to a Dnase digest before your RT...