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ELISA Testosterone - How to determine hormone level? (Apr/03/2007 )

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Is that possible to just reverse that way? Because it is logarithmic graph thus the scale for X and Y is totally different... unsure.gif

This is the example of the standard curve (I put polynomial-order-2 trendline but it doesn't shown here). How to put concentration in Y and OD/ODo in X (reverse method as you suggest)?

I dunno what things I must do with my samples. I know it is extrapolation but I need exact concentration not just a range wacko.gif

-Miss L-

I just had another look at your original posting. The fact the the testosterone range is from 0 to 16 should not affect things. (I am making the assumption that the "0 to 16" range is from your standard curve of testosterone concentration, yes?) If so, the program is quite capable of making the correct equation for you to use. I'd just stay with a linear axis, because you aren't using the graph to calculate / estimate the curve or the result.

Hope this helps.

BTW, for the purpose of this posting, please ignore my signature.


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