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DNA assay in microtiter plate - (Apr/01/2007 )

hi everyone,
has anyone done any DNA based assay in a microtiter plate or the ELISA plate?
awaiting for valuable suggestions
Thanks in advance


hi there,
i have done DNA based reverse dot blot. for estimation of DNA as antigen concentration. you can coat the DNA maximmum 10ug thats the limit of ELISA plate. in appropriate buffer. then you can add the appropriate labelled probes (biotinylated) to the wells and then followed by streptavidin HRP then you can add TMB to detection the colour developed and stop the reaction by adding 2N sulphuric acid. it is followed by messurement at approprate nm. the ELISA plate can be of NUNC high capacity binding plates...try it out...


hi binny,
thanks for the suggestion
but my question is whether any DNA based enzyme assay was done in an ELISA plate