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Chemical Basis of Molecular biology Techiques - Looking for Online Resources on this (Aug/21/2003 )

Iím student of the last year of the biology carrier. Iím preparing an extensive report about the techniques used on my lab, making emphasis on the why and how of each step of each protocol and each compound of each solution used. Much of this information is not on the normal Biology papers or books, and the most of it its only know by the senior research that have been collecting clues through years of investigation, so they donít know from where come the information. I need to put this information and mention reliable source on my report. So if any one knows where I can fine this information online I will be really thankfully.

Thank a lot

Leonardo Sigales


I am also a student last year in biotechnology engineering.
As part of my final project I am supposed to build a FISH protocol for paraffin embedded tissues.
I have met the same problem trying to find the exact chemical effect of each solution already in use in my lab.
The answer I get from my guides is "it does the work".
So tell me what solution are you working with and I will try helping you.
If you find a good source please update me.