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Lambda DNA nanowires, Restriction sites and thiolated primers - (Mar/26/2007 )

Hello all,

I am currently looking into making a DNA nanowire between gold electrodes using Lambda DNA. If I aquire Lambda DNA cut with HindIII, it will form a single linear strand of Lambda DNA wont it? When I look on the sigma website it shows the restricted DNA in question on a gel split into 5 pieces, why is this? when I thought it just cuts at the one site to makes the DNA linear.

I then plan all going well to get some thiolated primers, that can be attached to the gold electrodes which will hopefully can be designed to be complementary to the HindIII RE site cut so that I can form a Nanowire.

Can anyone also give me some advice on where I can design and order a thiolated primer to do this (preferably in the U.K.) and aquire the single digested Lambda DNA from to form a linear DNA molecule?

I would greatly appreciate any help,


-Carl Dale-

lambda dna is linear.

hindIII is used to cut lambda into several different size (and well characterized) pieces. it is used as a size standard in gels.

you are probably confusing lambda with a plasmid which will be linearized by digesting with a restriction enzyme that recognizes only one site in the plasmid.