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Identification by 16S rDNA - using short primer (Mar/19/2007 )

Hi guys,

im working on lactobacillus and i need to identify the strains by using molecular technique,
im using 16S rRNA, and did the BLAST, the result came out but i realized that the primer i used quite short compared with the publish sequence

do i have to repeat the experiments with the longer pimers?

thank you in advance rolleyes.gif unsure.gif


When you say short, how short? In general, I would not repeat this, unless by short you meant like 12 bp. Anything in the 17-20 bp region should be fine. Even with a very short one, I would not anticipate a different result, but I might do it again just to make sure.


Thank you phage 434.. i used 16F and 907R primer. that means my pcr product is around ~800bp. Btw, thank you for your explaination biggrin.gif