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Protocols for RNA extraction from 5-10mg starting tissue samples - Molecular Biology (Mar/12/2007 )

Hi all

Was wondering if anyone knew of a protocol for RNA extraction from very limited tissue samples (approx 3-10mg)? In my case, it's Arabidopsis and wheat root tips. I'm not keen on using any of the column based kits as i've got hundreds of these roots tips that i would like to sample separately and it doesnt seem feasible from a cost perspective. I am a fan of the TRIZOL total RNA extraction but would like to know how far i can scale it down based on starting tissue sample. Also, i have read that adding glycogen or Ribosomal RNA as a 'carrier' during the extraction process helps in precipitating small amounts of RNA. I eventually want to use it for qPCR gene expression analysis so i'm assuming the type of RT enzyme is also important

Seriously sirius


well theoritically it is possible to use even half of that to extract RNA it depend to your extraction buffers and enzyme quality try one of those RNA extraction kits from an awailible company and ask your question from thier technical problem solving group,

I my self used Cinnagen RNA extraction "RNX plus Kit" it is fine as well as others.