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proteasome inhibitors - (Mar/08/2007 )

I'm suspecting that the treatment to my cells is activating a degradation of an other related protein. So i would use proteasome inibitors.
But as i'm totally new in these molecules, i would like to know if some of you had already noticed that some is worse than an other...
I hearded about MGI32 and epoxomycin. I don't care about the fact epoxomycin is irreversible effect as cells will be sacrified.

for instance, the funds in the lab don't allow to buy sthg expensive, so if you have a "home-made" cocktail, sharing it would be very nice smile.gif

What do you think also about inhibiting lysosomes too ? I don't remember why, at a conference, a lecturer inhibited also lysosomes (by NH4Cl or Bafilomycin A1...)

thanks for any insight.


why specifically proteasomes and not all proteases?

we use a cocktail which covers all (or, at least, most) classes of protease.

try: edta, pmsf, leupeptin, pepstatin A, aprotinin, trypsin inhibitor as well as the ones you are using.

there are others, just check the sigma or roche or calbiochem catalog.