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Dendritic cell line media - Dendritic cell line media (Mar/06/2007 )

Hi all

I have been tring to culture mouse DCs in RPMI with 10% FCS. BME. Antibiotics , 2mM Glutamine, GMCSF and IL-2.
But its not going well. Do I need to enrich the media by adding non essential amino acids or change the RPMI media all together? Is JAWS II media any better than RPMI?





what is your dendritic cell line?

I culture mouse D1 cells in IMDM/FBS 10%/Atb/bME/Hepes and GMCSF either recombinant purified (10ng/mL) or in SN (30%), but no IL2...
use non-treated culture dishes; PBS/EDTA for harvesting