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tissue processing - microtome (Mar/06/2007 )

hi, I'm new to histology .
I have a protocol for tissue prepartion . it says,
Protocol 1:
Different grades of alcohol (70,80,90,100%), followed by xylene.The last step says, after xylene place the tissue in molten wax for 3 hours. Followed by wax embedding. Is this correct.

Protocol 2: alcohol, followed by xylene, and palce the tissue in mould, pour hotr wax to it and allow it to set at -20 deg, then go for microtomy.
My doubts:
1. Is it necessary to place the tissues in molten wax for 3 hrs. what is the need for it.(protocol 1)
2. Or can go from xylene to paraffin embedding directly.(protocol 2)
Pls help to clarify this.


i'd recomend protocol 1 - you want the tissue to soak up the wax - time will of course depend on tissue size