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H&E lithium carbonate - staining (Mar/04/2007 )

hi,have some basic doubts.
I am using Sigma's Ehlrich's H&E. Its two stains combine together.
It is mentioned to use Lithium carbonate
1. Place in stain from the 95% alcohol. 1-2 minutes is usually sufficient.
2. Remove each slide, blot and rinse in up 95% alcohol until the excess stain has been
3. Transfer slides to bluing solution (lithium carbonate probably best) and leave until blue.
4. Rinse 15-20 min. with running water.
5. Counterstain if desired. Dehydrate, clear and mount.
what is lithium carbonate.
what is the use of it
Is there any alternative to this?
Pls help.


As i remember it the lithium carbonate is simply a faster way of traditional blueing.
stick your slides in a pot in the sink and leave the tap running for ten minutes and you will get the same result.
(honest im not making it up) - just make sure the tissue isnt on the same side as the pouring water or you might rub off your sections.


hi cool, will check out.
thanks alot.