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Freeze-thaw effects on antibodies and samples - (Mar/01/2007 )

In light of a previous thread regarding antibodies stored at room temp, I was wondering if anyone had any info or opinions to share on the effects of cold? Are freeze/thaw cycles really that detrimental to an antibody? Or to a protein sample? I'm inclined to think not, but I could be wrong.



unfortunatly it changes from antibody to antibody - i tend to aliquot all frozen antibodies (20ul)and then keep the thawed ones in a fridge but these can tend to dry up after a while (it could be the eppendorfs - a little parafilm might help). but different antibodies have different reactions to temperature so its impossible to generalise.some are tough as old boots while others fail if they hear their name mentioned on a day with a "y" in it.
as for the freeze/thaw damage since our lab follows the aliquot if frozen rule ive never actually seen it in action but the science seems good.