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Antibodies to Recombinant Proteins - Advice on antibody production?? (Jun/13/2003 )

I am looking to have some polyclonal antibodies produced! in order for me to do this I need to have my proteins expressed. I have found a company based in the UK called Harlan Sera-Lab, who can produce my recombinant proteins from the gene and have my polyclonal with me within 15wks. Would you say this is my best route? the company sound very reasonable on price and have told me that if they did fail to express any of my proteins I would not be charged for their efforts. I have never expressed a protein myself but my colleague tells me that this service sounds very good, if anyone can let me know their thoughts it would be great.

Kind regards

Peter Davis



With a little PCR and basic molecular & microbiology lab techniques, it is very easy to
express a protein. As you say, once you have the protein any number of companies can
immunize rabbits, goats, etc.

How big is your gene and in what form do you have it in now (just a sequence, tRNA,
cloned into a plasmid vector, etc.). Either way, there are a number of companies
world-wide, including mine, with the capabilities to develop and manufacture both
monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies with little more than a protein sequence file.

Hope this helps,