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Plasmid Extraction - Miniprep incident (Feb/22/2007 )

Can I just ask, if the first buffer for miniprep (after added RNase) left in room temperature (and not fridge), what will happen? Can I still use the buffer? Please advice.



You get told off by your supervisor for being sloppy. tongue.gif

Yes, you can still use the solution. No problem. And don't worry about RNAseA,. that thing is purified by denaturative boiling. And thus you realise why RNAse is the scourge of RNA folk. That thing is tough.


Yeah, nothing happen. Some people I know keep their Sol I w-RNasa at room temperature.
RNasa is very “resistant”. Actually, RNasa label says, “store at room temperature”.

-aztecan princess-

Haha.. thanks alot. I am just afraid that the RNase wil degrade if not put inside the fridge.

By the way, I am not sure whether it is me or other lab members who forgot about putting it back to the fridge. hehe...