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making competent SURE cells - (Feb/20/2007 )

I was wondering if anyone had successfully made competent SURE cells. I got the cells from Stratagene and made sure to freeze some down, as I was warned my lab will not buy them again (much more expensive than DH5-alpha). So now I need to make more competent cells and was wondering if anyone has a good method for this strain. Thanks for any help!!


Make them as any other competent cells.

I can say I wasnt always successful with the SURE cells as compared to other cells.


I did try making them once, and I ended up with viable cells, but they didn't seem all that efficient and didn't seem to protect the terminal repeats on my vector as well as before. Having said that, I'm not that experienced with the procedure, and an expert may well have had a better result.
SURE cells are very good at protecting secondary structures in your plasmid, but apart from that I wouldn't bother with them, although they were meant to be very efficient, I always found Top 10/ Top 10F` cells performed much better.