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SNP nomenclature - (Feb/20/2007 )

I am wondering which is the fastest way to translate SNP named for example -120G/C to the dbSNP form for example: rs021355. What is the difference between eg. rs545655 and ss21313?

Thanks for taking your time to answer this stupid questions of mine, but I'd really like to know, beacuse I've been figuring out why is the SNP I am interested in is called -11365G>C but it is actually located only 989 base pairs from the first base of the first exon. Should the polymorphism be named -989G>C?
Thank you very very much!


I think I found the answer here Click.

Thank you!


Also note that some SNP are ID'd with the first base of Translation being +1 not the first base of Transcripton being +1 I think it just depends on who does it....