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What is a good control gene? - mRNA quantification..... (May/27/2003 )

Hi folks!

My experimental setup is that I want to check expression levels of a given gene in (gram-negative) bacteria under given stress situations (low pH, high temp, etc...). Therefor I'm trying to get a semiquantitative RT-PCR (maybe followed by a Nothern) started and I'm wondering if anybody here knows of a gene to take as control, i.e. a bacterial gene that is transcribed equally under different stimuli. I thought about 16S rRNA. Is this valid? Any Sugesstions... ?

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I don't know much about bacteria. In human, there is evidence that some stimuli may also alter expression of house keeping genes. I have encountered this too. 18s rRNA is better than house-keeping genes. Please have a look at this paper