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moving of gel - from gel plate (Feb/10/2007 )

hi all
sometimes i experience the gel moving from gel plate at the time of electrophoresis and it makes diffuse bands or loss of sample from gel.
could you explain me why the gel move upwards from the gel plate???

-ligation doesn't works-

If the gel somehow separates from the gel plate, it can move, but this doesnot change the way electrophoresis runs.

Try to run your samples at a higher voltage, you may get better bands. Also dont overload each lane, which could also result in diffuse bands.

I havent lost samples from gel. I dont know whats happening with your gels.


Move upwards? Hmm that's weird. Mine usually move downwards. I thought it might just be the current.


perhaps the electrods have been reversed.


thanks for the replies. i think i dont set the gel properly in the gel plate, so when i run electorphoresis it moves upwards

-ligation doesn't works-