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DNA, RNA storage - (Feb/09/2007 )

Hello everybody!

-In my lab I work with a lot of plasmid DNA and I want to store it, safely, for a long time. I think that I can store transformed cells in 30% glycerol at -80°C is it correct?? and safely?

-For the non plamid DNA I don't know how to cnserve it for a long time!! maybe on sterile water at -20°C or -40°C??

-Same question for RNA and RNA extraction?? In water at -80°C or is-it possible to store it at -20°C or -40°C?
I've read that it's better to store RNA at -80°C is it correct??

Help me please

thank you for your help


Hi Biomolman,

I won't be of great help for the plasmid, sorry.
But - gDNA can be stored in a neutral solution or in water (dnase free, I suggest wink.gif) at 4°C or -20°C. It doesn't need to be stored at -80°C, as far as I know.
The opposite is true for RNA. Store it in water and if you want to keep it for more than some days, keep it cool (-70 to -80°C). Again, avoid RNase contamination. We routinely perform reverse transcription of all mRNA before we store it!



i store my transformed cells in 10-15% glycerol at -80C. this is safe enough smile.gif
you may store your non plasmid DNA in TE buffer or in Tris-cl and keep at -20 C. if you store it in water then i guess it will be degraded at 4C


You are on the safe side, but my gDNA is still good after month spent in water in the fridge... cool.gif


yeap, mine is also good after 3 months in water ph34r.gif rolleyes.gif blush.gif
there is this saying:
do what your mentor tells you but don't what he does:)


I should keep that saying in mind! biggrin.gif
But don't tell my undergrad students tongue.gif


i dissolve gDNA in TE and store it in -20c. its ok for me.

for plasmid and non plasmid DNA i do theisame

but i store RNA in -80c when dissolved in water and when i used formamide i store it in -20c

-ligation doesn't works-