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DNA isolation from RLT buffer - (Jan/23/2007 )

I am looking for a method to isolate RNA and DNA from few (~6000) cells already sorted in RLT buffer. I need to do the RNA Isolation by using a Kit (RNAeasy Micro) to compare with other samples done this way) and thought to use the low through (which contains supposingly a lot af salt) to isolate the DNA.
Does someone has experience or suggestions for this????


Hi Alaska, I haven't tried that so far but I could imagine, that the protocols used for DNA extraction after trizol rna purification may work for your problem, too.
It is simply an ethanol precipitation followed by several washes in sodium-citrate-ethanol(10%) and a final wash in ethanol. I have pretty good results with it.
But I assume, that you will have a very low yield, as the RNA columns often retract some DNA (that's why you do an on-column DNase digestion).
But I would try that on unpretious samples, first huh.gif