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Tn10 based Transposone mutagenesis - pLBT::mini-Tn10:lac:kan (Jan/22/2007 )

Does any one have any idea or experience working with the pLBT::mini-Tn10:lac:kan??

If you have/know: can you tell me which portion the plasmid is transferred in to the recepient chromosome??

Can anyone provide me the sequence of the pNK2804??

sorry lots of query rolleyes.gif


I don't really understand your question, but I think it is ment that Phage pLBT is used to make the coli strain (is mostly used to make a F'strain) with Tn10 (transposon 10, so resistent to tetracyclin, to make this F'(lac) and is also kanamycin resistant. Does this answer anything of your question?