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pri-miRNA transcript - get the exact primary transcripts of miRNAs (Jan/17/2007 )

Hi, every1
Does anyone kwow exact full transcripts of some miRNAs in fruit fly or other organisms? From the literature, I know some people failed to get the full transcript via RACE,RPA or Primer Extension. Any suggestions?
Then i also want to know whether any pri-miRNA will be capped and poly(A) tailed like messengerRNA after transcribed?
Best wishes to you!


Hi Challenger,

I've read that many miRNA sequences are within introns, so I expect that those would not be capped and tailed but instead would be excised as splicing lariets. I do not know if ALL miRNA are intronic.

- Jon

-Jon Moulton-

QUOTE (Jon Moulton @ Jan 18 2007, 01:59 AM)
I do not know if ALL miRNA are intronic.

- Jon

as far as i know, many microRNAs are located in the intergenic region and it seems that they have their own transcipt uints while intronic regional miRNA is more complicated. blush.gif


I think most pri-miRNA should not have 5'-cap and 3'-polyA. If it does, why it is not transferred outside of the nucleus like mRNA? So ...



MicroRNAs and Their Regulatory Roles in Animals and Plants.
Baohong Zhang

Have some good facts about it.
Good luck.