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question on NF-kB antibody - (Jan/16/2007 )

I am using the anti-NF-kB p65 (C20) from Santa Cruz to do Western blot,
the expected size should be around 65kDa. However, I can also see a band at ~50kDa besides 65kDa.
I know there is different subunit, and Rel A consist of p65 and p52. If it forms dimer, the band should be at size 110kDa instead of separately at 65kD and 50kD~~
Does anyone experience the same problem? What would be the causes of such problem?


Hi Cargod,
I don't think it's p52 as that's a completely different subunit and complexes shouldn't be present on a Western.
I'm not sure of the answer but it could be a degradation product, the product of a splice variant or maybe just a non-specific protein that cross-reacts with your antibody. Doesn't really help but at least you have a band at 65kDa.



Thanks for your help^^