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HELP with DESIGNING GENETIC EXPT. - To determine function of TOPLESS gene/function (Jan/15/2007 )

Hiya guys,

Not sure if any of you have heard of this but a mutant in plants known as TOPLESS was recently discovered in plants. The original study is attached below.

The TOPLESS gene usually encodes a co-repressor transcription factor which silences genes required for root development in the top half of the plant.

TOPLESS mutants effectively have a root system where the shoots should be!!

I have to design a 'theoretical' experiment looking into this gene/protein. The obvious first step would be to identify the gene. Then i need to indicate what i'm going to do with it and consider how i will test the model and definitively prove that the gene i've identified is the TOPLESS gene.

Thank you


so interesting
i think first u have to find the map for this plant and locate the gene, restriction sites...these are basics..then check the amplified gene with gel electrophoresis....
other members have more experience of course smile.gif


Yeah i kind of grasp the basics it's just getting into the nitty gritty i'm a little unsure about....

Would any other members care to add to this please??!! Pretty please??!!