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Peptide labeling - (Jan/15/2007 )

Hi, could anyone help with my problem...thank you so much before hand...

I have peptide sequence (approx. 20 aa) and I need to label them so i can trace them once I inject the peptide into the mice.
The peptide doesn't contain biotin or actin sequence. The peptide is actually derived from one of the extracellular matrix protein.

Does anyone know what labeling agent I can use?

Thank you heaps and heaps smile.gif


Does it have a tyrosine? if so, 125I labeling with Iodogen (Pierce) will be simple for you to quantitate the tissue distribution of your peptide. Fluoresent label is good for location of this peptide in tissue sections. You can incorporate it in the sequence duing peptide synthesis at N or C-terminal.