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extracting DNA frm agarose gel no result - (Jan/09/2007 )

Hi all
this is my first post, I am stucked with a problem here.....I was trying to extract my PCR product (114bp,203bp). using Qiazen gel extraction kit ,later when I checked it again on 1.5% agarose gel I got no band. That means no result.The only thing I did differently is I took the columns from Qiazen miniprep kit .as my columns from gel extraction kit were finished.......
Plz give me some suggestions regarding this.
Thanks in advance.



I think it is the problem that you've used columns from the miniprep kit. There is a difference between them, the gel extraction kit is designed for linear fragments and the miniprep columns for circular DNA.
You could have used the qiagen pcr clean-up columns from a pcr cleaning kit, these columns are the same as the gel extraction columns.


I think the other kind of columns available with me at present is from intron RNA spin kit, will that solve the problem??? I need it urgently and it will take long time to process the order, and if this is the problem Is there any alternative way to come out of it????


QUOTE (mdfenko @ Jan 9 2007, 07:17 PM)
leo, august

well i'm not sure, but here are some insights about prufying from gel without columns. (start from the post of haringsh)