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Silver Staining Principle and protocol - (Jan/04/2007 )

1. We use non ammoniacal silver staining, using Na2S2O3 as accelerator, AgNo3 with formaldehyde as Staining agent, Na2CO3 with Na2S2O3 and Formaldehyde as developer and citrate as stop.

Can anyone explain me the principle behind using these reagents in silver staining or the function of these reagents in silver staining.

2. Also can anyone please guide me on Rapid and sensitive silver staining method for SDS Page gels using Tris Glycine SDS electrophoresis buffer. The method we use takes 1 ½ day, gives us background and also the bands obtained are not compact. We use Elix water to prepare reagents and all electrophoresis materials are from Sigma.

please help me out with these queries.

thanking you,



Hi, I would suggest you to try what I use, it's the Silver Stain Plus Kit from Bio-Rad. It is very sensitive and works under 1h.

I am not sure, if it is very expensive, but I think, the time saving is worth it. And you can also stain nucleic acid with it, if you want. But works good for SDS-PAGE with TG. Just be sure to use clean plastic ware smile.gif


here is one that was used few years ago with good success