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why does ligase buffer precipitate? - is it ok just to vortex it?? (Jan/03/2007 )

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Promega says it's DTT which precipitates in their Ligase buffer.


well if DTT precipitates in the buffer efficiency will be decreased.
BSA precipitation does not realy matters. Just allow to warm longer and the bsa will dissolve.


QUOTE (exploresci @ Jan 5 2007, 08:26 AM)
I think it's BSA which precipitates in ligase buffer when thawed, but this doesn't affect ligation efficiency.

this ligase buffer that i have from Nippon Gene doesnt contain BSA dry.gif. BSA is supplied seperatly in another tube. It contains Tris, MgCl2, DTT and ATP. If it is not DTT so maybe MgCl2 precipitates. unsure.gif


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