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Long Term Storage of DNA - I have a pool of cosmid library (Dec/31/2006 )

Hello Guys

Can anybody tell me whats the best way to store my cosmid library DNA for long times (years). I normally store at 4 degrees in TE buffer, but will it last for years.

Thanks for every help.
Happy New year.


if you are clean and the cosmid is free from cellular endonucleases... then yeah, it will last years if not decades. (My supervisor has done this)

However, I know another PI, who has done this... and the cosmids were gone within a year.

So, there must be some element of skill involved.

For myself I keep my cosmids in TE at -80 and also in cells in glycerol at -80. It has lasted 1 year tongue.gif No idea if it will last decades though.


i routinely store DNA at -20. for long term stuff, -80.