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Sybergreen vs taqman? - Comparable? (Dec/22/2006 )


can you compare results from sybergreen and taqman? For example should your gene of interest be expressed the same ratio per 10 copies of GAPDH (or other housekeeping) when you use sybergreen or taqman?

Also, how many copies of your transgene/gene of interest per copies of GAPDH is a good level of expression?



Hi, smile.gif
Actually, you should not compare this way.
Basically, both SYBR Green and TaqMan may have some differences in their ratio of gene expression… But I think that is more relevant to your primer and probe efficiency rather then the nature of SYBR Green and TaqMan.
Further more, you are doing relative quantification, so long as you stick on one consistently, your result will be comparable.