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DNA from slide mounted epoxy embedded fixed tissue - (Dec/19/2006 )

Working backwards here. I have found several means of getting rid of the Epon/Araldite plastic from

I even managed to contact Dr. Gilbert Smith (author of the Hogan Smith paper found half way down)

What I haven't been able to do to find any means for finishing the job.

I was hoping I would find some curators out there needing DNA from old samples, or even RNA if possible, bu tso far no.

I have found some in situ hybrization papers, but no protocols for full extraction.

Any help appreciated.



The sample is tissue that was first fixed in glutaraldehyde, the post-fixed with osmium tetroxide. Following this the sample was embedded in Epon/Araldite.

To try and get the tissue out of the Araldite, there seem to be a couple of options;namely ethoxide (NaOH in EtOH) or soak in 0.5% Methanolic KOH, Benzene and acetone 1:1:1

But if that works, can I get around the cross-linking, freeing the DNA?