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RT-PCR kit - (Dec/14/2006 )

Hi, there,

I will do reverse transcript-PCR using mammalian cells. When I look for the kit, I found too many choices. Do you guys have some suggestion?

Thanks a lot.


If you want to do One-Step RT-PCR, I would recommend the Qiagen Kit . It is really nice working and easy to do. But costs a little.
If you want to do it in to steps and just transcripe the RNA in cDNA with a kit, you could try fermentas first-strand-cDNA synthesis kit. It is not so expensive but works also good.

Hope, I could help you a little


We use Fermentas first strand cDNA synthesis kit. Has worked fine till now and compararively lot cheaper..


Most kits or RT enzymes will do for common RNA, that's not extraordinarily long or has high degree of secondary structure.

Check for the cheapest you can get.