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RNA Extraction from ocular tissue - RNA Extraction from ocular tissue (Feb/12/2003 )

Hi. I am trying to extract RNA from eye tissue but have not been very successful. I have tried Trizol and the RNeasy kit from Qiagen. I think the main problem is that there is too much protein. Anyone have any suggestions??


You could try to use the fastprep system from qbiogene. It's a cruncher working in paralele of extraction kits. I managed to purify DNA & RNA from total insects ...
It should be possible to cut your eyes in parts and homogenize them (12 samples at a time !).
Have funny crunching time !


We have used the Qbiogene FastRNA tubes to homogenize retinal tissue, while using the Trizol method (with chloroform) to isolate the RNA. RNA was then purified using Qiagen's RNEasy kit. This method seems to work the best. We get 10-80 micrograms of high quality RNA from 100-300mg of tissue. This RNA was hybridized to Affymetrix DNA microarrays and gave excellent results.
Hope this works for you!