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medium for competent cell - SOB vs SOC (Dec/07/2006 )

i usually use SOB meduim (SO:Mg++=100:1) to make E. coli DH5a competent cell.
but yesterday i mistakenly culture E. coli DH5a in SOC (SO:Mg++:Glucose=100:1:1) instead of SOB. is it safe to make competent cell using SOC medium??? sad.gif

-T. reesei-

i think there shudnt be any noticeable difference, SOC also works fine with alpha DH5 without problem. not a matter to worry much i guess.

gud luk


I use SOC for DH5a and it works well.


i got 10*6 competency sad.gif

-T. reesei-

I use LB...


I have used both, but find that for DH5 (in my hands), SOC works better...


we make it in LB and we get high efficient cells