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Probes for Real-Time PCR - (Jan/28/2003 )

Does anybody can suggest me the best providers of probes (TaqMan, FRET, etc.) for Real-Time PCR?


Hi Maura,
The best provider is the patent owner ABI (Applied Biosystems) or their dealers.



The best type of probe depends on how you want to do with your real time PCR. For instance, sybr green can be used with standard primers as it works by an increase in fluorescence when bound to double stranded DNA, but some other types (e.g.Taqman) work by binding to internal sequences. There are problems with any system, e.g. sybr green results can be due to non-specific amplification, thus there is a need to optimise the PCR.

Try this site for further explanations and discussion on the merits of each system:

Realt time is a great technique when it is working properly, but only if it is working properly!

Good luck,


We use Proligo hybridization probes (FRET) and I think they are quite good.