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Removing LPS from mAb stocks - (Dec/01/2006 )

Hi, everyone.

I need to remove LPS from my mAb stocks for my experimnts.
I did use the polymyxinB column from Peirce, but my samples were also bound!!
I think many people experienced this problem with polymyxin column.

Does anybody know any better way to do it?
I searched and heard about EndoTrap from profos. But I'm not sure if it's worth to try.
Has anyone used this product ever?

I don't wanna go through the ion exchange purification.....:/


I am Stephanie from Profos AG.

Kindly I am ready to help you with your special question; however I do not want to use this forum as advertisement for EndoTrap.

For any further information please contact Profos via our webpage („contact us“).

Thank you!

Methods how someone can remove endotoxins are:
 Heat sterilization
 Treatment of strong acid or alkali
 Adsorption on activated carbon, asbestos or barium sulphate
 Distillation
 Reverse osmosis
 Ultrafiltration
 Two-phase extraction
 Adsorption technique
 Ion-exchange chromatography
 Affinity chromatography (e.g. EndoTrap)
 Size-exclusion chromatography
 Reverse-phase chromatography