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pCMVneo - need a description, company or plasmid map (Dec/01/2006 )

Does anybody has a description or a plasmid map of pCMVneo for me? I really need more dan a citation (it's for a lisence for work with genetically modified organisms).
Or a company name that sells this vector is also good off course.


Hi aspergillie,
This may help:

Good luck! smile.gif
mito 1


Thank you mito 1, but this is the vector I want to use. But since the name of this vector is pCMV6-neo, I have to ask permission. pCMV-neo is in the list of the vectors you can use with just informing the dapartment of environment (I don't know the english name, but from the government) and for the permission I have to know the differences between pCMV6-neo and pCMV-neo... if there is a difference. But I will mail origene for more information, thank you!